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If you feel you are cursed, you are not alone.

Up to 15,000 people come to our website every month, telling us that they feel cursed and asking us for help. We’ve had tremendous successes working with individuals, and we’ve removed some very heavy curses.
Of course, it’s not possible for us to work with thousands of people, individually.
But, our heart goes out to each and every person who is suffering from being cursed. So, our solution was to write a book, making our efficacious methods available to everyone, for just $27.95.

We expect to e-publish this e-Book, in January 2017. In the meantime, we want you to be able to get started down the road to relief, right now.

When you pre-order our eBook, today,  there is a button on your invoice to download the essential First Step for removing any kind of curse, called Ho’Oponopono.

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Ho’Oponopono is an ancient, tried and true (Hawaiian) method for emotionally acquiring forgiveness, for yourself and for your enemies. That may sound like an inconceivable task, considering the facts as you know them. You might even believe that forgiveness is the last thing in the world you’d ever want to give to your enemies.

Yet, forgiveness is essential, in order for you to accomplish moving into the realms of healing, and to free yourself of the evils which have beset you.

People are like emotional magnets. We attract life-experiences and energies which resonate with the (usually un-conscious) emotional energies inside of us. If we are full of despair, &/or self-hate, &/or anger, &/or fear, &/or loathing,  &/or hopelessness, &/or…

&/or… &/or… you name it, you will become like a magnet attracting those energies to stick to you.

The practicing of Ho’Oponopono opens the doors to emotional healing. It can bring you a sense of relief and peace. This is just the First Step.

Fortunately, there are several methods which can defuse all kinds of negative, harmful, painful, even life-threatening, energies. We have successfully helped hundreds of clients to become curse-free, by teaching them these methods.

What you will learn in the eBook

In our eBook, you’ll learn practices that have been used throughout the centuries to dissolve negative energies, including the heaviest of curses.

    ◆    There are only three steps.

    ◆    They have already helped uncountable of people for centuries.

    ◆    They’re adjustable for anyone's religious or cultural beliefs.

You’ll also learn the most modern, scientifically proven, psychological techniques, called Feel Free Fast!, so you can re-program the deeply buried, unconscious emotional beliefs, patterns, &/or emotional wounding, which has attracted those bad energies and curses to you, in the first place.

Once you learn the techniques, you can practice them on your own. Everything you need to know and to do, to remove and stay permanently free of any kind of curse, is in this eBook.


We can hardly wait to share all of these methods with you. When you order, today, you will be the first to receive the entire book.

AND, you’ll already have a head start toward your healing, thanks to the amazing practice of Ho’Oponopono.

If you start doing the Ho’Oponopono practice, now, you may very well experience some  transformation, even before we publish. We’d love to include your story in our book.

Every person’s transformation story can be an inspiration to some other, presently hopeless, person.