What Can Feng Shui Do For You?

  Feng Shui: How and Why it Works, How to Do it Yourself or Find a Consultant

Traditionally in China, Feng Shui was considered an integral part of the healing professions along with Chinese Medicine, Chinese Astrology, and the I Ching. It included space clearing, personal clearing of emotional issues, curses, black magic, ghost busting, blessing rituals and the masterful use of the magical method we now call the Law of Attraction or The Secret.

Often called the Art of Placement, it is fundamentally about positioning yourself to your best advantage, taking the commanding position, positioning yourself for success. Its about taking simple, yet powerfully effective steps to improving your fate and your luck in a way that will enhance and positively transform all aspects of your life. 

At the same time its is a powerful form of psychotherapy, an ancient shamanic form that identifies your psyche with your environment and assumes changes in one will effect change in the other. That's right, furniture moving, space clearing and blessing rituals become therapy and coaching that many have used to dramatically transform their lives.

This psychological and spiritual environmental process of growth and transformation is really about the relationship that naturally exists connecting your physical environment and your personal interior environment, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The positive transformation that will occur in your psyche by using Feng Shui will enhance and propel your creative participation in the world.

Feng Shui is an all around power tool box you can use to get you what you want! The doctors orders? Apply daily until happy!