Get Help From The Angels!

Hi, this is Gayla. I'm being contacted in my dreams and meditations by various Angels who are all telling me they want to help people! They can help with any problems, especially emotional and/ or spiritual problems. They are asking me to put them to work!

Angel’s Liaison Dream Team

I will meditate and dream on your behalf. Then I’ll align a special, personal, Angel with you, and I’ll communicate her/ his messages back to you, via email, or a handwritten letter, asap.

You can present any problem, and see how quickly it changes for you. This is an ongoing process.

Because you are seeking help, the Angels are showing up! You’ll be amazed by how much they can help you. Get Two Weeks of Angelic Help for FREE!

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Three things required for success

The first is to simply keep your mind open and pay attention to new thoughts and feelings flowing through you.

Secondly, you are asked to keep a journal in which you will record your daily thoughts, feelings, positive changes, obvious blessings.

Thirdly, It will also be important for you to report back to me, sending your written testimonials, by email/ or letter, within 24 hours hours of your receiving noticeable blessings. Your Angels will know how you receive and respond to their interventions &/ or blessings, but, they have asked me to request your written testimonials, for two purposes:

1.  It acknowledges that you acknowledge and rejoice in the gifts you have received from them, and proves you are grateful and caring enough to take the time to record them.
(When you do that, they will be happy to continue helping you!)

2.  Your written testimonial will give hope to others and, hopefully, inspire them to also call on their specific Angel.

Note: We will never publish your name, just your initials, M or F, for male or female, age, and state. For example, my own testimonial would look like this:

“My Angel’s dream messages have been vivid and explicit. Several brilliant angels are asking me to put them to work. At first this seemed like way too much work, for me. But, I was shown that this is truly a blessing, for me too, which I must embrace. As soon as I surrendered to it, every step of the way became clear. I’ve always tried to live my Life’s Purpose, but creating the Angel’s Liaison Dream Team is far and beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of… up until now!” —GG/ F/ 75/ AZ

Your Angel Alignment

When we begin, I’ll ask you to tell me your primary problem, or heart’s desire, to help me to align you with the Angel who is most perfect for you. As soon as your angel is revealed to me, I’ll tell you her/ his name, and send you your first message. From there, the Angel will create our relationship. 

If you’d like to have a personal Angel working for you, let me know, asap. Right now, I can’t imagine working with very many people at a time, because, my dreaming might get busy, and writing your Angel’s messages to you will take my time. But, let’s get started and see where they take us. I’m looking forward to the Angelic messages and your happy testimonials!

Click here for your FREE Two Week Trial Membership in the Angels Liaison Dream Team

When you see the definite benefits, you’ll probably want to stay connected. You may do so for only $9.59, per month. Or, right now, we’re offering a year’s membership for $95.90 —That’ll give you Two Free Months! How much I’ll need to charge in the future will depend on how many people I’ll need to dream for and meditate on. Anyway, it’s all up to our Angels. They are telling me what to do and how to do it.

Some of your problems might dissolve during your FREE Two Week Trial Membership. You’ll soon see. You probably can’t imagine how much help-from-the-Other-Side can do for you, until you try it. I’ve seen Miracles Happen!

I trust my Angels! So, I am simply following their orders. They’ve asked me to put them to work. They’ve even chosen my URL: They’ve also designed my business card. And now, they are urging me to invite you to connect with them, ASAP! They are waiting for you! —So let’s put them to work!

Click here for your Free Trial Membership in the Angel’s Liaison Dream Team