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Deciding if a Feng Shui consultation is in your future? Can you do consultations feng shui for (sorry but i have to put this poor English in for the search engines) yourself? Some of it you can and should do yourself. Use the information on the self help pages of this site (link), pick up a few books (link) that appeal to you, and start moving things around.

Just moving/changing aspects of your home is enough to start the transformation ball rolling. Take the first step of action.Your life might just get better, or you may bring up into your awareness that which needs to change so you can get what you want.

Although Feng Shui has been connected to interior design in the west, it was not so in China. It was and still is a metaphysical and energetic approach to solving life problems. No one calls me just because they want their home or office to look better. They always call to solve a problem which can be wealth, family, children relationship, career, legal issues, selling a house, clearing old negative energies and many more.

Here is the problem with self help. On the home page (link) I described Feng Shui as a form of Shamanic Therapy (link). Why does anyone go to a therapist? Because they cannot access the cause of their problems. These unaccessible issues show up in our homes and we can not see their representation just as we can not see it in our own psyches.

I am sure you have had the experience of walking into someone's home and knowing a lot about them before a word is even spoken. The same happens when someone comes to your home. That is why we are so protective of our private spaces. We can see so much about the other person in their space but they can not see much of what we see. The same is true for us in our homes. Denial and dissociation is expressed and occurs on all levels of our life experience.

As humans we have an almost infinite capacity to place the feelings and beliefs generated by painful experience into denial (link), our unconscious. It is a natural process, part of the shock process (link), to protect us and give us the ability to react in danger. It is difficult to know these aspects of ourself clearly let alone see them in our environment.

So if you have a real problem that you can not seem to solve, you need a professional Feng Shui home consultation or a Feng Shui business consultation . A well trained Feng Shui consultant can come to your home, notice aspects that are unconscious to you and that represent the core of your problem, and give you powerful and effective solutions. Master Feng Shui Consultants can even provide their

services by phone. How can you tell who's a real Feng Shui consultant? Its not easy. There are hundreds of systems and numerous schools. If you have read more than one book by different authors you might find some conflicting information and rules.

Here are just a few quick examples: A mirror is ok in the bedroom, or A mirror is never ok in the bedroom. A mirror inside the front door sends the energy out. A mirror inside the front door pulls the energy in and makes the entrance bigger.

Who ya gonna believe?

When I was on a NBC Dateline Feng Shui segment in 1995, my partner Steven Post and I jokingly bantered "If you call your feng shui practitioner at midnight in an emergency, they will tell you to take two mirrors and call me in the morning.". They put it on air and we did help our attorney client to win the biggest case of his career, one he was up to then losing.

Some professional training's are only a weekend or a week long. Some a few months, some one year. OK, here is my first plug. I'm on the faculty of a three year program but, of course, I am not biased. I just absolutely know that our grads are the best. They get more onsite practical training than any other program.

The truth is there are great practitioners from every school. Our graduates are listed on this site at ( ). And luckily we have a new force in the feng shui universe that is setting up criteria for schools and professional practitioners. It is the International Feng Shui Guild. Check them out for good consultations Feng Shui information and lots of professional practitioners from many schools.

Here are some questions to ask and criteria to check.

How long have they been practicing? What training do they have? How long was their training? How many consultations did they conduct with their instructors? How many consultations have they conducted?

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