Feng Shui Business Consultations, A Powerful Inexpensive Way to Boost your Bottom Line

Every business can benefit from a Feng Shui business consultation. Business Feng shui consultations can dramatically boost your bottom line, make the workplace more comfortable, and invigorate and harmonize the workforce. If you don't know much about feng shui or you want my understanding of it check out the home page and Feng Shui consultation page before delving into the business aspects.

That is because the underlying principles of a feng shui business consultation are the same as for a home. The application is often quite different. Its hard to hang a bunch of Chinese doodads, nicknacks and chatchkas in a business environment. Since the underlying principle of Feng Shui is our power to create desired outcomes with our intentions and will, we don't have to get stuck in Chinese culture. We do have to create metaphors that will represent new beliefs and feelings synchronistic with your goals and we need to remove all metaphors that have been or will block your goals. That is how simple Feng Shui is.

Feng Shui and business are a match on many levels. A Feng Shui business consultation can be used to improve your logo. You can even feng shui business cards. Some Feng Shui consultants believe the sigma of your business name is important. Sigma us the sum of the numbers that correspond to the letters of your name. While I do accept Numerology, I don't subscribe to the belief that some numbers are good and some bad. It is true that numbers have meaning, but the positivity or negativity of a number is very cultural. So if you have a cultural connection to numbers you should abide by it even if you do not consciously believe it. The unconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind.

A business Feng Shui consultation can be accomplished without it looking like anyone has done Feng Shui for business. Re-positoning furniture, adding plants, changing colors, judiciously adding a mirror and personal objects can do the job. Clearings and blessing rituals can be performed when no one is around. Creating a feeling that invites people in and makes them feel good is vital to a successful Feng Shui consultation. Businesses that have an ambiance that supports and inspires both employees and customers will increase their bottom line.

Even though you are thinking about a business Feng Shui consultation, your home may be the real problem. In the west we are conditioned to linear logical thinking, not synchronistic right brain knowing. So you might not connect your business or work success with your home. It is true that most people have a somewhat different personality at work than at home. Yet your home is the deepest expression of yourself. Hopefully, you spend more time at home than at work. So leave no stone unturned. Use Feng Shui to brighten up and activate your whole life. Feng Shui your home, your business, your car, even your body.