A Feng Shui Phone Consultation Saves Money And Gets Amazing Results!

At first it might seem a Feng Shui phone consultation would be counter intuitive. Feng Shui consultations are about your physical home or office. Doesn't the practitioner have to see it? Don't they have to be there to feel the energy and ambiance? Nope!

Photos, floor plans, and even better a video can give a pretty good understanding of the physical elements of the site. They can all be sent over the internet. Trained Feng Shui practitioners and consultants can use Feng Shui dowsing, I Ching divination, and Chinese Astrology to read the energetic or spiritual issues.

On Feng Shui phone consultations, I have performed blessing rituals from a distance. I have cleared more than one ghost from a distance. So I know it can be done. Many of my students have also. Why is it possible? Although our left brain linear logical conditioning tells us emphatically that the only valid data is from our five senses, we really are much bigger beings than that. There's a lot of metaphysical mumbo jumbo on the more philosophical pages that will help you understand how this works. Here is a little synopsis.

How Life Really Works

In the west we were brought up to believe that we have five senses. The Asian belief in a sixth sense has been treated as a mystery. The sixth sense is really straightforward and simple. Its just your mind. Your sense of smell perceives fragrance, touch perceives material, taste flavors, hearing sound, seeing objects. Mind perceives thoughts and feelings.

I was brought up to identify myself with my thoughts and feelings. There is an ownership Iness that exists in relationship to my thoughts and feelings that defines me in relation to physical and mental sense perceptions. Its a big ego knot with some rough, some sharp, and some smooth edges. Some blessed times there are no edges. When I identify with my ego knot I loose sight of the fact that I am really the watcher, the observer of that ego knot. I am the awareness that knows the thoughts and feelings, the ego knot.

The only argument I think you could have with this is that I am distinguishing the mind as more than the brain. That is my experience and the experience of many others who have had near death experiences. Physically every thing we know, we know through a process in our brain. The perception of thoughts and emotions is in our brain. So we can definitely say that our egos and the way our egos respond to sensory inputs are a brain function.

But we can be aware of ego as not our true nature, our true self, as just a thought/feeling process because our mind is our sixth sense. Is that function which is aware dependent on a brain and only able to relate to local experience? Is it the real us versus the ego us. Our brains can't answer that question. If we are the awareness, then there are no boundaries to ourself, nowhere our mind can't go or act.

There are many reports of people having non localized experiences. There are studies of non localized experiences. The most famous is probably the CIA sponsored remote viewing experiments at SRI in the 1960's and 1970's. I have provided a bibiography of some of these experiments here.

So a Feng Shui phone consultation is not only possible, it can be a great benefit to you at a lower cost. Many of our graduates can do Feng Shui phone consultations. The can do Feng Shui dowsing. Feng Shui divining, I Ching and Chinese Astrology coupled with photos and floor plans to solve almost any problem you present.

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