Looking For Feng Shui Training? Find out Which One's
Right For You.

Feng Shui Schools are popping up everywhere. You can get Feng Shui training from a professional school, take a feng shui class at a library or high school extension, on the internet, on a tele-class, or your next door neighbor. You can take an intro to Feng Shui or get a Feng Shui certification. Then there are all the books. Many books contradict each other and many schools teach very disparate methods and beliefs. How can you sort it all out? Where can you get the best feng shui teaching?

The answer might surprise you. Your own body has all the answers. Those three trillion human cells and one hundred trillion bacteria have evolved into a complex highly sensitive organism designed to find nourishment, procreate, socialize and be happy. That's Professor Lin Yun's definition of Feng Shui. "Feng Shui is using all our knowledge and wisdom to create the most supportive and comfortable living and working spaces for ourselves."

All creatures practice Feng Shui, from viruses to the gods. Every creature wants to be happy. That is the primary motivation in life. All other motivations are just the colors of happiness. All creatures have some basic needs to be happy: food, the ability to procreate, safety from predators and appreciation. I know appreciation needs some explaining so just follow the link.

We all have built in instinctual programming to keep us alive, healthy and prosperous. Nature is our friend. It wants us to succeed.

Ninety nine percent of us humans have a problem. When I use the word humans from now on I mean that ninety nine percent, not the possibly remaining one percent of natural humans. We have become the only unnatural natural creatures. Natural creatures react instinctually to their environment. They get sensory inputs that generate an emotional response culminating in a physical action. They are aware of touch, taste, smell, sound, and sights and are not conditioned not to feel. They are not hypnotized by thoughts or conditions not to feel.

We humans on the other hand have been strongly conditioned not to feel. We exist mostly from the neck up. In fact when I ask students to just use their vision, just notice what they see, and to look at what they see from their neck up, there is initially a lot of confusion. Its really hard to just look without thinking or remembering. This strong conditioning not to feel has propelled humans down the deepest river in the Universe, de nial.

You already have all the Feng Shui tools you need built in. Nature has given you the best feng shui teaching and Feng Shui training as your birthright and is constantly giving you feng shui instruction through her feedback.

So, what's the problem? Its that river called denial. Check out the pages on Feng Shui and Psychology for a deeper understanding. As I mentioned on the Feng Shui Consultation page, you can easily see someone else's problems represented in their home, but its really hard to see your own. And you can only see the problems in someone else's home that are not included in your own bag of denied beliefs and feelings. An excellent Feng Shui training has to address this issue.

The primary factor to look for in a Feng Shui school or a Feng Shui training program is the amount of time spent on personal growth and the efficacy of the methods taught. There should be a mixture of western psychology methods and Asian meditation methods. Most of you reading this are from western cultures. We need methods based on the dysfunctions of our cultures which are different from Asian dysfunctions.

The next factor in a Feng Shui training is the metaphysical underpinnings of the teaching. Is it right brain linear Newtonian mechanics based or based on the latest developments in Physics. Whoa, what's a statement like that doing on a Feng Shui web site? Newtonian physics is a consciousness filter that most of us have learned to see through. It is a very limited view of how life and the universe actually work. Consciousness filters really do limit how we experience our world. Todays physics is based on quantum mechanics, relativity, string theory, and more. This outlook has much broader boundaries controlling how we see and experience things as they are. Physics and metaphysics are merging.

Feng Shui is also a filter on how we experience the world, a metaphysical filter that was humanities first science. All schools of Feng Shui have some protocols and beliefs in common. Some are more Newtonian, some more modern. You can tell I prefer the more modern approach. You have to decide for yourself what fits you best.

Feng Shui is a very traditional science. You can learn a lot from books and classroom studies, but too really learn it you have to become the sorcerer's apprentice. A Feng Shui training must include practical onsite training with a master teacher is the only way to become truly proficient. If you are training for a Feng Shui certification, make sure the Feng Shui program has lots of onsite consultations guided by the teachers.

In the same vein, if you are searching for a feng shui professional training program to become a Feng Shui practitioner look for a Feng Shui training that provides an individual mentoring program. Personal growth needs personal help from a mentor. You can not do it yourself because of that river i mentioned earlier. The very place that needs to change for you to grow is the one you can not see.

If you are just looking for an intro to Feng Shui then I suggest you take a few. Every teacher is going to have a different approach, a different viewpoint and a different emphasis.Usually you go to an intro so you can do self help Feng Shui. So you want to get a lot of ideas and methodologies to try out.

Everyone, including me, teaching a Feng Shui introduction class is hoping you will engage them as a consultant or go on to more intensive training. So make sure the teacher is going to give some very practical advice and tips you can use immediately.

A Feng Shui training can really awaken you to possibilities in life that you never knew were available. Classroom Feng Shui instruction can start you on a road to a happier and more successful life.

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