Feng Shui Your Brain

Feng Shui your Brain

There is something special about the number three. Nothing happens until there is three. Yin and Yang can't happen without the Tao. Male and Female don't happen without relationship. Subject and object can't happen without awareness. That's the key to Feng Shui adjustments to your brain.

Our brains have three parts. The cerebral cortex, the limbic system and the brain stem. They are also called the reptilian, mammalian and human brain. There are some obvious relationships to the Taoist trinity of heaven, man, and earth, or the Huna low self, middle self and high self, or subconscious, conscious and super conscious.

The reptilian brain handles very basic survival needs, arousal, instincts, homeostasis, metabolism, and reproduction. The mammilian brain gives us the ability to learn, remember and love. Both of these brains are involved in emotional response. The cortex provides self awareness and conscious thought.

These brains have different operating systems and often vie for control. We are wired so that the brain functions that are most likely to keep us alive dominate. Ninety percent of the neurons to the cortex come from the older more primitive brains. Bet you thought you were in charge.

Reptilian babies are born able to survive. Mammals are not. We can only survive with the help of our parents. Luckily human babies are designed to attach and soak up culture like a sponge. Our survival depends on our ability to get the attention of and detect the needs and intentions of our protectors. Even as adults eighty percent of the information we receive is from body language and voice tone. For a baby it is one hundred percent. As babies we adapted to our parents unconscious brains.

Just as the Heart Sutra teaches us, we do not have an individual brain. We have an individual point of awareness, but the data that flows through that point is not our property. We are a social construct. On the one hand not having to be responsible for our survival allows us time for our brains to grow and develop. On the other hand , nobody is home during that time. It takes many years for us to mature into self awareness, if ever. We are not wired well for self awareness. Remember ninety percent of the neurons to our self aware function is from the older brains.

That means our conscious perception of the world is not the world as it is. We all came from functional families so we are all OK, right? The mental/emotional and identity patterns we developed to survive and hopefully thrive in our birth families are just what we need to survive and thrive in our current lives. some are and some not. They are especially triggered in our intimate and committed relationships.

Thankfully, the brain research that has given us such a deep understanding of how we operate as social and individual animals has also uncovered the process that allows us to change and develop new patterns, no matter how old we are. When a conditioned program gets triggered by the limbic interpretation of sensory input, the synapses locked into that response can unlock for a short period of time before re-locking and reestablishing the pattern. If the re-locking is disrupted, the pattern and memory will not re-establish itself and is gone gone gone.

What's needed to disrupt the pattern is to create a mismatch between what is expected and what is experienced. There are many types of therapies such as the Energy Psychologies, NLP, BSFF, and shaman magic that do just that. I am partial to BSFF because it is the one I do best and get the best results with.

Feng Shui is a form of shamanism. We bring up the clients problem as a non threatening non judging expert (parent). We give them a symbolic solution which they communicate with their limbic system through the Three Secrets (there is that three again). The synaptic break is activated then and every time they come in contact with the adjustment.

You can not make these changes cognitively. You can not force a change in behavior. That is just suppressive. the transformation only takes place by adding dissonance to the synaptic process and stopping it from restarting.

Remember the next time you Feng Shui a clients home you are Feng Shuiing their brain.

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