Is A Ghost Real?
How Can We Help Them?

A ghost is another person, like you and me. They just do not have enough energy to manifest a physical body, They only can manifest more subtle energetic bodies.

In our culture a ghost is not supposed to exist. I have been amazed over the years by the number of people who acknowledge their presence. When I first started healing discarnate entities, I was very nervous about what people would think about me. Would they think I was crazy? I was not too sure myself. My degree is in Physics. Scientist don't believe in ghosts, especially thirty years ago.

One Feng Shui job really turned this around for me. I cannot reveal who the clients were. They are very clear about that. They are very successful people and I am sure they are afraid it would harm their reputation. I have connections to them independently through two of my students who were from different years and lived over five hundred miles apart. There were even some unusual synchronicities in our names.

Hanging in the Barn for 188 Years.

I was first contacted to do the Feng Shui work because they had just done a 1.5 million dollar remodel on a home built between 1800 and 1805. There was no mention of an entity. I later realized it was the interior designer instigating the consultation. These people definitely did not believe in Feng Shui or anything considered woo woo. After agreeing to the consultation, I was informed it was canceled and then at the last minute it was on again.

The husband was not really interested and left for meetings quickly. The wife, also a very successful business person, took me around the large and beautifully restored home. I gave her feng shui advice for about two hours, then we ended up in the last room. She said, "This was a barn and we converted it into a family room."

I wasn't quite sure to say. I knew she was not into anything paranormal. I thought I would look like a fool if I told her about the ghost hanging by one of the walls. I got up my courage and said,"There is a problem in this room. There is a spirit here." As soon as I mentioned the ghost, the Interior Designer walked over to where the coast was and said, "It is right here!"

The owner then said, "What can we do about it?" I said, " There are lots of ways to heal the problem. Do you want me to do it in line with your beliefs or do my Buddhist practice?" "Just do whatever you want."

The entity was a man who had been hung in the barn around 1815. I performed a Tibetan practice and the man was able to go into the light.

The owner said, " Wow, I can really feel a change in the room. Then she said, "You know, we were not going to have you come because we really do not believe in any of this. But then when I was going to bed last night, the ghost came up to me and told me you have to come. So we changed our mind." About a year later they had me come back for another ghost problem that we missed the first time.

Why Do Dead People Hang Around?

By the time I began to help out people on the invisible side of life, I had already spent may years in various spiritual and shamanic practices, had lived in India for a few years, but most importantly, I had a near death experience in Viet Nam. Spending just a little time as a disembodied spirit really turned my life around and somehow connected me to other beings who have not been able to complete the journey to the light.

Why are people often afraid of beings in the naked spirit state? I think because it is so common for beings who are very angry not to be able to break away from the relationship engendering the anger and merge into the light. A lot of ghosts are angry and we can feel it. Sometimes that anger causes them to interfere negatively in the lives of the living.

Of course there are many other reasons. Fear of the light. Guilt, Shame, Blame. Some do not even know they are dead. Then there is attachment to a place or person. In any case, every ghost, spirit, entity or whatever invisible energy disturbs us or our environment, can be healed, released, removed and we all can be restored to harmony.

The Quaking Church

Here is a story that illustrates unfinished business. It happened on a class field trip consultation with my Feng Shui Masters Training Program at the New York Open Center. One of the students was teaching art therapy at the school/day care center of a church in New Jersey. Because of a number of problems that has been occurring at the church, the minister invited us to come for a Feng Shui consultation. The church was in a 100 year old large stone building with a newer school/meeting building attached.

On the bus on the way to the class consultation, I worked with a student who was always getting ill on consultations. She was absorbing up the negative energies on the site. This is often a problem for people who perform clearings and blessings. It can be a problem for anyone who dies any type of healing.

Lets call her K. I helped her work through the traumas and subsequent belief/feeling knots that left her open to these negative energies. The technique I like best for this work is Be Set Free Fast (BSFF). It quickly clears problems on any level, spiritual, emotional or physical. Just follow the link to learn more about it. By the time we got to the church she was clear.

We moved around the church giving Feng Shui advise and stopping to chant to clear any negative energies or entities we felt. We eventually arrived in the sanctuary which needed a lot of clearing. While we were chanting, K, who was not experiencing any problems, spoke up. She said, "There is the ghost of a man here who says there was something he could not say in his lifetime and he still cannot say it. And he wants you to say it." So I said, "Well he's talking to you so why don't you say it."

Then I remembered an email I had recently read on the BSFF list serve. A therapist volunteering to help with trauma in Bosnia did not speak Bosnian and did not have a translation of the BSFF instruction to the subconscious mind. These instructions are critical to the application of the method. So he just told the patients through an interpreter that they were receiving the instructions directly from his mind to theirs. It worked!

So I thought, why not try that with the ghost. I told him that I was transmitting the BSFF instructions to him from my mind to his and I gave him a word he could use to trigger the instructions and clear any of his problems. Then I said, "Just say your word to clear any problems or issues that are keeping you from saying what you need to say." He did so.

K exclaimed "He's leaving!" The building began to shake. I am from the San Francisco Bay Area so I thought it was an earthquake. Remember this is a big stone building. It shook and made noises for about ten seconds.