Today, there are almost unlimited sources offering to teach you Feng Shui. So, we hope you'll gain insights and perspective, here, to help guide you to the best Feng Shui program(s) to suit your personal level of interest. 

When I began my Feng Shui studies, back in the early eighties, there were very few sources for learning Feng Shui. In fact my teacher, Prof. Lin Yun, was the first Chinese Master to openly teach Feng Shui, including esoteric Feng Shui, to Westerners. Interior Design With Feng Shui, written by Sarah Rosbach, published in 1984, was based on notes from his classes. That was the first practical, accessible, book on the subject.

Because Sarah's book was so successful, other Chinese Teachers from other schools, soon started writing books, and then their students started writing, and consulting. Suddenly, new Feng Shui experts, authors and consultants were popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain. 

Today, you can get Feng Shui training online, in classrooms, from hundreds of books, CD's, DVD's and, of course, on Youtube. 

What's The Best Way To Learn
Feng Shui

To help you discover the best way for you to learn Feng Shui depends on how deeply you want to explore this vast subject. If you’ve already looked at other pages on this website, you know that Feng Shui is about much more than just moving furniture. 

Moving furniture is the most basic, and easy to teach, aspect of Feng Shui. So that is where many classes begin… and end. But, the actual scope of Feng Shui is immense. It's psychological, metaphysical, shamanic, scientific, practical and profound. It also encompasses a powerful environmental psychology which extends into therapeutic enhancements for your health, wealth, relationships, success and happiness.

To learn, or enhance, your Feng Shui studies, you must first determine if your current level of Feng Shui knowledge qualifies you as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, and how far you want to go with your learning. Each of these links will take you to the section of this page that best fits your interest:

  Beginner         Intermediate             Advanced

About The Masters Training

Twenty years ago, the late, great, Feng Shui Grand Master, Professor Lin Yun, asked his three most senior students, Steven Post, Edgar Sung, and myself, to start teaching a certification program for Feng Shui consultants. Together, we founded the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training, which is a Three-Year Certification Program, still thriving, today, at the New York Open Center.

This is the only State Approved (NY) Professional Feng Shui Training, in the USA. So, if I sound a bit prejudiced, it's only because we sincerely believe this is the very best and most comprehensive, Feng Shui School in the nation. 

Our "BTB Comprehensive One-Day Introduction To Feng Shui" is presented four times a year, in NYC, and will soon be available, online. We'll also be offering Free One-Hour Webinars, online. If you'd like to be notified when the comprehensive one day training is available online or about our free offerings, just leave your Contact information by clicking here.

Feng Shui Beginners

There are unlimited opportunities to learn Feng Shui at the beginner levels. However, beware, many people set themselves up as teachers after having simply read a few books on the subject. And there are many books out there which have been written based only on what the author has read in some other books on the subject. So, the end-result can be watered down, or worse, promote misunderstanding. 

Another issue is that there are several different schools-of-thought regarding the fundamental principals of Feng Shui, some of which have contradictory teachings. To the beginner, it can seem very confusing.

Read more... (*1)

So, before starting any class, it is prudent to ask the Teacher about their Feng Shui orientation, i.e., what type of school were they trained in, what is their Feng Shui life-experience, and what is their lineage?

That being said, you may find beginner classes at your local High School Extension, Junior College Extension, and in various organizations which are New Age oriented. There are also many Feng Shui classes online, which may be just a few minutes, like on You Tube, to a few hours long. 

Unfortunately, it's unlikely, if not impossible, to learn much more than the most superficial aspects of Feng Shui, via most Beginner Classes. But, even the most rudimentary classes may serve to whet your appetite to study further. Many people catch the Feng Shui bug, after taking a beginner's class, or two, and then go on to delve much deeper into this fascinating, complex and very deep subject. 

Professor Lin Yun taught that every School of Feng Shui, and every Feng Shui Practitioner, has the possibility of success. So, just jump in, experience a class, or a few classes, and you'll soon discover what resonates for you.

The BTB Feng Shui Masters Training, is a three year training that welcomes beginners who may want to advance through higher levels. Our school welcomes Beginning, students, even if you have been affiliated with other teachers, or other style schools.

Please email me for more information.

Our "BTB Comprehensive One-Day Introduction To Feng Shui”,which we recently presented four times a year in New York City, will soon be available, online. We also offer Free One-Hour Webinars, online. If you'd like to be notified about these comprehensive, free offerings, just leave your Contact information here.

If you want to apply Feng Shui to your own life, you'll need to read more than a few books and take several classes. Then, you'll have to sort through all the different approaches, to decide which works best for you. It will be necessary to advance to at least to an Intermediate level in order to effectively apply Feng Shui to your own life for favorable results. 

--Although, sometimes, something as simple as just turning your desk around can actually turn your life around. And you can certainly learn how to do that, in most any Beginner's class.

If you already have a good sense of design and a strong sense of intuition, and your goal is to simply create more beauty, harmony, and balance in your environment via the principals of Feng Shui, your beginner studies can inspire you along the self-help path. 

But, if you are trying to solve any significant problems in your life, by using Feng Shui, then you'll really need the help of an experienced Feng Shui Practitioner/ Consultant; or better yet, an accomplished Feng Shui Master who, besides having extensive experience, has developed wisdom beyond knowledge, and carries lineage (i.e., has studied and been initiated by venerable Grand Masters.)

Some people, like me, get so fascinated in their first class, that they find themselves wanting to make a career of Feng Shui. From my very first encounter with Professer Lin Yun, I was hooked. As a Biophysicist, I understood energy, as in E=McSq, but, Qi Energy was even more fascinating than Quantum Physics, and the Professor was a true Master of it! I had to learn more!

A Feng Shui Career

Feng Shui can be a wonderful career path, if you love helping other people, while helping yourself. You'll soon be amazed by how Feng Shui can, seemingly magically, fix a myriad of serious problems, as can Space Clearing, and creating harmony, balance, success and overall happiness in people's lives. It's thrilling and very emotionally rewarding. 

Many of our students come into the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training without any intention of making a career out of Feng Shui, but rather, for the tremendous personal growth, mentoring and coaching our program offers. The BTB Feng Shui Masters Training has, over the years, evolved into a Shamanic Feng Shui & Personal Growth Program. The personal mentoring and coaching you'll receive can benefit every aspect of your life and any career you choose. BTB Student Testimonials

Intermediate Training

There are a number of Feng Shui Certification Programs catering to more advanced students. I've seen some that are as short as one weekend, up to a few weekends, or a few weeks. 

Some years ago, my wife, Gayla, who has been practicing Feng Shui since 1973 (eleven years longer than I have) was asked to teach a Feng Shui Class, for a few nights a week, for three-weeks, at a Chiropractic clinic that would give her students a Certification. Even though they were offering to pay her a substantial sum, she refused, saying, "Would you give a certificate for someone to be a certified DC, after a three week Training?" Of course they wouldn't, but nevertheless, they found another teacher and went ahead with the class. That "certification" would not be worth the paper it was printed on. So, beginners beware!.

The BTB Feng Shui Masters Training, is a three year training that welcomes Intermediate students, even if you have been affiliated with other teachers, other style schools or completed a shorter certification program. We are the only state (NY) accredited certification training. Please click here to email me for more information.

When your'e seeking an authentic Feng Shui teacher, I’d suggest looking for the following qualities:

•  Is the teacher familiar with and open minded about the many different schools & styles of Feng Shui?

•  Does the teacher discern and have a perspective regarding what is cultural vs. what is universal in Feng Shui?

•  Is the teacher flexible and intuitive, or dogmatic about technicalities?

•  Is the teacher kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and wise?

•  Does the teacher have an extensive background in multi-cultural approaches, metaphysics, spirituality, psychology, and coaching?

•  Does the teacher have Feng Shui lineage and if so, from whom, &/ or where?

We developed the "BTB Comprehensive One-Day Introduction To Feng Shui" so that people could become familiar with us Teachers, and see if they want to study further with us. Even in this One-day Intro, attendees gain a uncommonly deep perspective of Traditional and Shamanic Feng Shui. We've heard many reports from people who made significant improvements to their homes and noticed their lives shifting for the better, just from taking just this introductory class. 

If you have an interest, please see the schedule and register for the next Intro by clicking here: 

"BTB Comprehensive One-Day Introduction To Feng Shui"

If you can not get to New York to attend, please click here to be notified when we make the class available online.

Advanced Training

Becoming a Feng Shui Consultant is a journey of Self-development. The Chinese say you must cultivate your own Qi, before you can help others cultivate their Qi. 

As an Advanced Student, I'm sure you're well aware that Feng shui is about much more than moving furniture, interior design, Bagua placement, Chinese Astrology, or hanging crystals to adjust Qi. In traditional Chinese culture, Feng Shui has expanded out of shamanic, metaphysical and superstitious beliefs, into individual and family state of the art healing therapies. 

You cannot become a Feng Shui Master through classroom study alone.

Developing coaching skills is equally as important as learning Feng Shui technology, because a Feng Shui practitioner will be coaching clients to change the problematic ways that they respond to life and helping them to develop new [Feng Shui] ways that will make them more successful. 

The BTB Feng Shui Masters Training welcomes Advanced students who want to advance to even higher levels, even if you have been affiliated with other teachers, other style schools, or already have a certificate from another school. Please email me for more information.

We are unique because:

•  We believe you'll learn best by having actual Feng Shui-in-life experiences. So, starting in the first year of your BTB Training, and in every year thereafter, a personal mentor will guide you through actual Feng Shui Consultations, with as many real clients as you can find. (This means you can start earning immediately.)

•  Every student will have their own home Feng Shui'd by their Mentor, in the first year. (Value over $1000.00)

•  You'll also be invited to observe the In-home consultations of other student's. 

•  Each year the students will go on six Feng Shui Field Trips, during class sessions.

•  Thus, you'll quickly gain in-the-field, hands-on experiences, as well as, the ability to earn while you learn.

•  You'll gain personal growth and counseling skills, including the most advanced techniques in current Western Self Help methods.

•  You'll have ongoing personal mentoring throughout the Three-Year Program, and even after graduation.

•  You'll learn multi-cultural perspectives and how to use Feng Shui without imposing Chinese culture upon non-Chinese clients. 

•  You'll learn from Teachers who have extensive Feng Shui knowledge, Shamanic skills, Mentoring & Coaching experience, and genuine Feng Shui lineage. 

Please visit our website, or email your questions to me, directly. To talk to me personally, just email your phone number, or Skype contact information, and tell me your time zone and whether morning, afternoon, or evening is best time to reach you. 

"BTB Comprehensive One-Day Introduction To Feng Shui"is a prerequisite to attend the masters training.

Wishing you a Bon Voyage on your Feng Shui journey,

Barry Gordon