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The Definition of Curse

We are going to define cursing in a way that you might not expect and might surprise you. We’ve been helping people heal curses for many years. And we never reverse curses. Its counterproductive and ineffective. We transform and heal them. We’ve made some very important discoveries.

Most people think that curses are only connected to voodoo, witchcraft, black magic, or other kinds of spells or hexes. It is true that there are people who use ritual and trance states to place curses on other people. We have helped people in those situations. Through all the work we’ve done helping people to remove curses from their lives, we’ve discovered this definition of a curse.

Any time anyone, but especially parents and authority figures, put you down, make you feel smaller, shame you, guilt you, or in any way destroy your sense of self-worth, they are cursing you. Many people have grown up in situations that put them down or traumatize them in some way.

How Unconscious Curses Impact Your Life

The degree to which this has occurred in your life sets you up for susceptibility for curses to affect you in later life. The unconscious conditioning that creates such implicit emotional schemas, such as I’m not good enough, I’m bad, I’m worthless, I’m no good, nobody loves me, I’m guilty, and even I’m evil, sometimes gets projected out onto the world. You don’t know you feel that way unconsciously.

So it looks like the curse is coming from outside you. Because those beliefs attitudes feelings thoughts, emotions and imaginations are unfelt and disassociated within you, you do not own them.

But the universeIs going to manifest your life story based on the totality of all the emotional and belief energies within you. You can manifest these energies inwardly or outwardly, blaming yourself or blaming others, hurting yourself or hurting others.

Of course, these dissociated problem parts of us do not always manifest as a curse or attack from the outside. They can manifest as illnesses or other problems in your life that you do not call curses or that you don't blame on someone else. And yet any pernicious problem your experiencing is a curse and every curse creates pernicious problems. Its a vicious cycle!

Your Subconscious Mind is a Magnet

Think of yourself as a magnet. All those conscious and unconscious energies within you are reflected in the outside world. You magnetize experiences to yourself based on the conditioning in your subconscious mind, whether you are aware of that conditioning or not. Trying to resist, reverse, or remove a curse through force makes it stronger. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “what you resist persists”.

The best way to heal any of these problems is to transform the cause in your own psyche that is magnetizing problems to you. That's why we call our process Transformational Life Counseling (TLC). Just click the link to check it out. We’ve also written a self-help book, Scientific Shamanic Healing, which you can also explore by clicking the link.

Practicing the methods in this book will dissolve your problems and bring your happiness, success and peace.

One small candle can dispel a lot of darkness.
The Shamanic practices in this book work like floodlights!

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What Is a Curse?

     A new understanding of the cause of your pernicious problems and how to fix them.

Different Types of Curses.

      Parental Curses

      Ancestral Curses

      Ill Will Curses

      Professional Cursing

Cures For Curses


      Feel Free 

      Be Set Free Fast!

      The White Umbrella

      Other Religion's Methods

Your life can become
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•  Ho’Oponopono is an extremely ancient Hawaiian practice that works wonders for bringing everything and everyone into harmony. Therefore, Ho’Oponopono is the perfect First Step on your journey toward peace, harmony and emotional freedom. 

There are books full of stories about how Ho’Oponopono, alone, creates miracles. We present a Traditional Long Version, and a handy Short Version of Ho’oponopono. You'll find it very easy to do either version, on your own. Simply follow the detailed instructions. And notice how fast your life begins to improve.

•  Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) is a revolutionary psychological technology for communicating directly with your subconscious mind to eliminate deeply buried emotional conditioning that is the root cause of nearly every emotional and spiritual problem. 

•  The White Umbrella is a Tibetan chant with visualizations which has been used for eons to dispel all kinds of negative energies, from minor insults to attacks by demons and curses. White Umbrella is one of our favorite shamanic practices, because it’s incredibly powerful… And once you learn it, it’s easy and pleasurable to do.

•  Religious Methods As well as the Buddhist White Umbrella, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Islamic methods are presented to comfort people who prefer to stay within their familiar traditions.

•  Dowsing is an easy way of accessing information that is not readily available to your conscious mind. Dowsing will help you to make direct contact with your sub-conscious mind and with your intuition/ High Self. This will open up a whole new world of deeper understanding and positive possibilities for you. 

Those are the major components of Feel Free Fast. 

There’s no limit to the number of practices you can take on, so long as you have the time and inclination to give to them. The more attention and energy you put into any practice(s), the more your current problems will diminish and your life will become better and better, everyday, in every way. —You can expect miracles! —We guarantee it!


Barry has a degree in Physics and decades of studies in Metaphysics.  He is a senior teacher in a Tibetan/Chinese Vajrayana Buddhist lineage. Gayla is a Doctor of Divinity and a Sufi Cheraga, since the sixties. They are each initiated in multicultural Spiritual, Shamanic and Metaphysical methods, and they are Feng Shui Masters. 

As the internet brought many thousands of people to their website, asking for help with curses, they saw the need to offer their accumulated wisdom, knowledge and expertise in a way which could be easily learned, assimilated and applied, without their personal involvement. To help as many people as possible, they wrote, HEALING YOUR CURSES: A NEW WAY OF UNDERSTANDING PERNICIOUS PROBLEMS AND HOW TO FIX THEM! 

This book presents profound methods which have self-helped thousands of people to find relief and emotional freedom from all kinds of serious problems, including PTSD and curses.


Bad Luck? Pernicious Problems?
You Could Be Cursed!

There are many types of curses. The curses that come from parents, siblings, teachers, bosses, our peers, religions and culture are typically unintended, unconscious, and in fact, they are often meant to be helping us. Even if people do not recognize that they are cursing, their impactful words can drastically inhibit our well-being.

Some curses are passed down from generation to generation. 

People also do not realize that their own cursing can leave them open to becoming cursed, themselves.

People who have conscious intentions to cause harm sometimes resort to Voodo dolls, or Black Magic. They may be amateurs who learned how to do a particular curse from family, friends, or a manual. But, the most serious curses are created by professionals who are trained to be very powerful spiritually, in a very negative way, and they can conduct insidious rituals.

Understanding how curses build up negative energy inside of you, and recognizing how it manifests in your life, will make it a lot easier for you to  free yourself from any and all curses which are harming your life. 

We have a video in the book that shows how just negative thinking alone projected at someone causes them to become weaker. Emotions are much more powerful than thoughts. So you can imagine that someone who received a lot of emotional negativity, let alone physical violence, in their life could become weak in spirit.

Weakness often manifests as shame, guilt, self blame, lack of self-confidence and a low sense of self-worth. These self-denigrating emotional beliefs act like magnets, attracting more and more negative and harmful experiences. 

Like attracts like!
—It's the negative side of the Law of Attraction.

Unconscious curses set us up to be victims of conscious curses. Even if we do not attract conscious curses into our life, the unconscious curses can set us up for a very problematical life, a life that feels cursed.

When we are very young, we learn to imitate or fit in with the culture around us. If we grow up in an angry, judgmental, critical environment, we can easily absorb and get imprinted with the culture of cursing. That will create a life experience and environment in which cursing feels normal… And hence the cursing goes on… And on… And on!

Learn how to clear this conditioning and any curses you feel are effecting you. Read our book:  


 A Scientific Viewpoint:

When you understand the nature of curses, which includes the use of black magic, based on our explanation and definition of a curse, it will be easier for you remove the curses from your life. 

A curse is highly emotional information powered by ill will. Everything we experience through our senses is information.  I am using the word “information” in the scientific sense. Our nervous systems are continually absorbing data, information, from the environment. We process that data based on past conditioning, i.e., pre-programing, and instinct. 

An unconscious curse is made up of thoughts, emotions, or physical abuse that is energetically projected at us. Unconscious curse energies and conditioning set us up to curse ourselves. 

Conscious curses are specifically designed and generated to powerfully project negative energies at a victim. Conscious curse energies resonate with the energies already in us which multiplies our problems, often drastically.

All of our everyday responses, as well as, our crises reactions, are based upon whatever pre-programing, information, i.e., instinct, is packed inside of our un-conscious/ sub-conscous self.

A curse is connected to intense emotional information. But looking at it from a scientific viewpoint can help you to become more objective, and easier on yourself. You can come to understand that, “It’s not your fault!”

Every curse is just negative energy carrying a certain kind of information. We are all constructed from a complex data set of information. Because of our conditioning, we may have different frequencies within us that vibrate in resonance to the frequencies of the curse energy.

Think of it like this: If you have a guitar string tuned to C and you place another guitar string next to it, also tuned to C, when you pluck the first string the second string will vibrate, even though it has not been touched. This is called Resonance. The stronger the string is plucked the stronger the response in the second string. So the intensity of focused energy that is put into the curse has a strong effect on its effectiveness. The more closely the vibrations of the curse resonate with vibrations within you, the more the curse energy can affect you. 

These frequencies vibrate in you because of the energies that were absorbed from the people and situations you experienced throughout your life. It was all happening unconsciously. To the degree that those energies vibrate as shame, guilt, self blame, low self-worth, etc., they will attract experiences that resonate. When you meet a stranger that has similar emotional issues and patterning, you will feel a resonance with that person. That resonance is typiclly interpereted as “Chemistry!” Understanding this law of Resonance, you might see why “Chemistry” is not a wise reason to become involved with someone. It simply means that you share mutual emotional wounding. Sure, it is wonderful and sexy to feel understood on a gut level, but basing a relationship on mutual emotional wounding does nothing to improve your life. It simply perpetuates and exacerbates your problems.

Again, this is the negative side of the law of attraction. There is more about this in the book.

The practices we teach in our book will generate new frequencies of information that can actually transform any kind of curse energy. 

Here’s another metaphor to understand resonance. If you drop a pebble in water it makes a ripple pattern. If you drop two pebbles in the water each will create its own ripple pattern, but the patterns will interact. The points where they add to each other will increase the magnitude of the waves. That is called resonance. 

     No matter how hopeless you might feel in this moment,
please understand, you
can change your conditioning! 

The techniques in our book can make deep changes more quickly than you might imagine. That is why we keep saying: 

Expect Miracles! 

Because the methods are practiced with wisdom and compassion, they can heal lifetimes of pain and suffering. 

Changing your conditioning will change your life. 

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A curse is highly emotional information empowered by will. Everything we experience through our senses is information.  We are using the word information in the scientific sense. While the creation and effect of a curse is very emotional, stepping back and looking at it scientifically will help you to become more objective and more easily remove curses.

All of the methods to remove a curse that we will teach you require entering a state of objectivity and generating a new frequency of information that transforms the curse energy. The curse is just thoughts, emotions, and physical ritual designed and generated to express those emotions. All these activities create a particular frequency of information that is sent to the object of the anger through the application of the cursors will carried on the medium of Qi.

Each of us are also energy, Qi, vibrating at different frequencies. Within each of us there are many frequencies, many information states. Because of our conditioning, we may have frequencies within us that vibrate in resonance to the curse energy that’s been sent.

Think of it like this. If you have a guitar string tuned to C and you place another guitar string next to it also tuned to C, when you pluck the first string the second string will vibrate, even though it has not been touched. This is resonance. The more closely the vibrations of the curse resonate with vibrations within us, the more it can affect us. The stronger the string is plucked the stronger the response in the second string. So the intensity of focus and will put into the curse also has a strong effect on its effectiveness.

Whenever we think ill of anyone, we are cursing them. Here’s another metaphor to understand resonance. If you drop a pebble in water it makes a ripple pattern. If you drop two pebbles in the water each will create its own ripple pattern. The patterns will interact. The points where they add to each other will increase the magnitude of the waves and is called resonance. Where they subtract from each other they are out of resonance in dissonance.

Since it’s the vibratory state of Qi, which we're calling information, in the curser’s mind that then resonates with some Qi state in your mind that causes you to feel cursed and creates the actual effects of the curse, if you change your Qi vibrations, you can make yourself immune to the curse.

Because we carry out this transformation with wisdom and compassion, it also changes the Qi of the perpetrator.

If you need help right away, click here to contact me. I suggest we start with a 15 minute, introductory consultation, so I can do a brief Reading to identify the deeper source of your problem, or curse, and to see how much I can help you. During this first consultation, I may even be able to teach you a self-help method, so you can get a good start on your healing process. The charge for all of this is only $50. Unless you buy the book. Then its free.

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How to Change Your Qi

In the Chinese systems of spiritual growth there is the concept of cultivating your qi. Some people practice Qi Gong, Tai Qi, or meditation. In India people practice Yoga to develop more chi and to adjust their chi to be happier, healthier, and wholier. Buddhist’s practice meditation and develope wisdom and compassion. The three  Monotheistic religions practice devotion to God, good deeds, and scriptural study to change their Chi. 

Some people leave out the higher religious sentiment and just want to develop power. These people might become black magicians or sorcerers. That's why we need the Reverse the Curse or Remove the Curse methods taught on this website. Sorcerers can develop a super intensity of focus and will, along with learning rituals that implement that focus and will. If the person placing the curse on you knows what they are doing, and has the training, they can really hurt you. You will need help to transform this condition.

Please do not look at this  through the eyes of good versus evil. We all are wounded emotionally in many ways and free will is very ephemeral. Everyone is always doing the best they can within their level of wisdom, understanding and meditative power. The motto of this site in the footer is "Be Kind To All Creatures". That's an ideal to strive for and not so easy to attain. That gives me the idea to write a page on the power of denial and the subconscious mind. 

How A Curse Works

Whenever we think ill of anyone we are cursing them. 

Both we, that is our body, mind and spirit, and a curse have the same underlying energy structure. Both are mental-emotional energy vibrating in a universal space that is a field of Qi. If that mental emotional energy gathers enough energy to it, it becomes physical.

We are a very complex emergent system that has developed enough complexity and energy to be self nourishing and self aware. A curse is  a simple energy form that needs to be created by a self aware being and only lives as long as the energy put into it lasts. 

A curse can effect our qi through resonance, become part of our qi and act out in our lives. We, as self aware beings, can dispel the curse chi . You can be cursed and you can curse. You can remove a curse or reverse a curse using the methods in the book.

If we are cursing anyone or anything, either consciously or unconsciously, a vibration is set up that makes us susceptible to curses. Because we carry a cursing energy or Qi, a resonant energy can be created that will then effect our Qi. So the first step is to remove curse Qi from our own self. That is not so hard to do in relation to conscious cursing, once you realize how much it can hurt you. Its a lot harder  in relation to unconscious cursing, because we do not even know we are doing it. You want to check out the pages in the book on denial and the BSFF method for a better understanding.


There are many ways to reverse curses. You feel cursed and you want to remove this curse. But you must change your attitude from reversing the curse to removing the curse.

The source of your problem is the mental emotional structures or patterns in your Qi that express themselves as feeling cursed, having bad luck, nothing works for me, I’m no good,  I’m bad, I’m guilty and many more such core emotional beliefs.

This attracts curses and problems into your life. Its the negative side of the law of attraction.You need to change these deep, usually unconscious, beliefs and attitudes. 

One you remove the curse attracting Qi from yourself you have very little susceptibility to curses. To complete the healing, you can use various spiritual methods and that will depend on your spiritual beliefs.

Do not go into battle with the curse. Do not use anger or force. Do not try to block or resist the curse. These methods keep you attached to the curse. Then you just get in a dance with the curse. Always use love, wisdom and compassion. Always invoke a higher power to dispel the curse back into primal energy. 

Here are the basic steps to Remove Curse:

1. Clear old self generated curses towards anyone or anything, conscious or unconscious. Click the links for more information.

      Use Feel Free Fast

2. Remove the cursing habit from yourself.

      Again use Feel Free Fast

3. Use a practice from your religion or spiritual tradition to dispel the curse. Or ask me for one by clicking here.

4.Buy our new book: Remove Curses Expect Miracles. Use the methods in the book.

If you need help right away, click here to contact me. I suggest we start with a 15 minute, introductory consultation (free if you buy the book, $45.00 otherwise) , so I can do a brief Reading to identify the deeper source of your problem, or curse, and to see how much I can help you. During this first consultation, I may even be able to teach you a self-help method, so you can get a good start on your healing process. 

Remove Curses, Transform Your Life, Expect Miracles