Space Clearing and Blessings Bring Happiness, Energy, Well Being, Success!

Space Clearing is one of the most important factors in Feng Shui. What's number one? It is the process of decluttering the space physically and energetically while adding new positive energy through blessings.

For me number one is your own personal chi which includes your mental/emotional chi. Number two is the commanding position, how you site your home, bed, stove and work.

Space Clearing can be part of a Feng Shui consultation or a stand alone process. The fundamentals of the clearing process for the environment are the same for clearing negative energies from humans and objects.

There is Space Clearing for homes, for business, for objects such as furniture, and even for people. Whether the clearing involves ghosts, spirits or other types of entities,or energetic information imprinted on the environmentor curses on the individual or familythe process always involves transforming the problem energies into light, or a positive vibration.

All physical matter in an environment is like a recording medium. It stores the energies of the thoughts and feelings of everyone who has lived in any particular place. Energy is a vibration. It has a frequency. The higher the frequency the higher the energy. The stronger and longer lasting the feelings and thoughts, the stronger they effect us and the longer they last. Our sensory systems read and interpret those varying vibratory states as information, whether we are consciously aware of it or not

All the emotions and thoughts we experience, all the visual images we see, the sounds we hear, the tastes, the smells, every feeling including your name and your ego, is just information, a series of linked vibratory states. If you can really know this deep in your soul, it can dramatically open up your great heart of compassion. When we perform an energy clearingor guide a ghost or spiritback into the light, to merge with its higher vibratory states, we are either zeroing out the stuck, or self-replicating information into the Tao, the universal background energy, or we are transforming it into new and more positive and creative information.

If you drop the western linear and analytical mindset or point-of-view, and experience looking at the world through the lens of an eastern, integrated holistic view, then Feng Shui readings and adjustments, one's personal chi, and the energy (feeling, ambiance, or sense) of our environments are all one extraordinary and pretty miraculous interlaced chi, or energy field. A Feng Shui consultant can read your personal chi through your environment's chi because our lives are one interactively energetic field. That is the Tao (totality or holgram) of Feng Shui.

A change on any level or in any dimension will have an effect on all the others dimensions of your environment. This complex, interactive, integrated model of life is well supported by modern physics (Link). We can even explain the existence of ghosts through Einstein's equation E = MC2. You can learn more about the fascinating and useful connections between Feng Shui, Tao and Chi on my science page.

So when we make a Feng Shui adjustment, do space clearing, or perform a blessing ritual we are making a change on one particular level or dimension of this complex creation, but it is being experienced on all levels and dimensions.

In the Black Sect version of Chinese Feng Shui, these changes or adjustments are often done utilizing objects such as crystals. wind chimes, mirrors, water fountains, colors, plants, etc. Some of these objects are too culturally Chinese for the aesthetics of western environments, while some may seem too New Age for you. For more depth on this subject, go to The Method of Minor Additions

When I first started studying Feng Shui with the renowned Professor Lin Yun, recognized worldwide as one of the great living Feng Shui and Buddhist Masters, back in 1984, I did not like hanging crystals and wind chimes in my home or anyone else's. Chinese chatchkas are not a part of my aesthetic. So I asked Professor Lin," Do we really have to hang these crystals and wind chimes to adjust Feng Shui?" He said " No, if your mind is strong enough, you can do it all with your mind." Another time he said "you can do all the Feng Shui with blessings rituals."

I still use crystals and wind chimes and all the other object based adjustments. They have a powerful grounding effect, making the mind changes very real and present in our environment. And just performing space clearing and blessing rituals can cause huge positive shifts in our lives.

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